When Should We Exercise?

The great debate on when should we exercise produces the highest output has gone on for ages and continues to be a topic of conversation today.

Some feel working out in the morning is the right way to start your day. Others feel like hitting the weights in the evening is what is needed for optimal gains in muscular strength.

Benefits to Exercising in the Morning

Starting our day off with a morning run or trip to the gym can be extremely invigorating and beneficial. A good workout routine can kick start our metabolism while setting us up to have a healthy day.

Having a morning routine that includes exercise, a healthy breakfast, and early water intake will give your body a boost to perform at its highest levels.

Another major benefit of working out in the morning is having fewer distractions. I prefer at-home workouts because it’s not a crowded environment like the gym.

By planning your workout early, you prevent things from coming up throughout the day that could hinder or prevent you from exercising.

Benefits to Evening Workouts

As many of us know, hitting the snooze button can be very tempting. Sleep not only feels great but is needed for our body to work properly.

Planning your exercises in the evening not only allows for a little extra sleep in the morning but completes the day with your workout so that you can sleep deeper and longer.

Workouts are a great way to relieve stress. By exercising in the evening, you can let go of some of that built-up frustration and release your muscle tension in a positive way.

The Answer To When Should We Exercise?

As you can see, both morning and evening workouts can provide positive benefits. The easiest thing to do is find out which time fits your schedule best.

If you have a job that starts early in the morning and you have more time in the evening to not rush your workout, it makes more sense for you to hit the gym at night.

If you have a family and know you will be needed heavily in the evening and may not have much time to exercise, it may be best for you to carve out some time in the morning.

Everyone is different and things come up during the day but finding the time to exercise is vital.

Do not fall into the trap of seeing someone else have success with working out in the morning or evening and try to duplicate it. Choose a plan that fits your life schedule.

Listen to your body and plan accordingly and find the best path for YOUR body transformation.

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*Results represented in these images are specific to this individual and may not be representative of your results based upon your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and health factors.



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