What Are TRX Bands And Why You Should Use Them

If you’re looking to get fit, you might be asking yourself, what are TRX bands and why you should use them? Weight training and muscle building workouts are forever evolving with the times.

New workout programs come and go and new training techniques provide ways to keep your routine fresh and fun.

Suspension training through TRX Bands, which were developed through Navy SEALs, provides you with many benefits.

These bands which are non-stretching can be attached anywhere from over your doors at home to squat racks in the gym. TRX bands provide you an extreme full-body workout without the use of standard weights.

TRX bands rely on bodyweight exercises that not only increase muscular strength and endurance but also flexibility. Balance and core strengthening is another plus. Here are a few of the amazing benefits of using suspension training.

On The Go

Similar to traditional resistance band training sets, TRX bands are great to take with you on the road. The bands can easily be packed in your suitcases or bags. They may fit in a small package but they carry a hefty punch for building muscle.

This feature also helps to keep them stored in your gym locker or gym bag because of the flexibility to use them at the gym as well as home.

Just be careful, once everyone at the gym notices the results you are getting from these TRX bands, they will want a go at them as well.

Perfect for Everyone

Because of the use of bodyweight instead of actual weights, TRX bands are ideal for any level of weight training.

TRX bands have become a mainstay in college and pro sports team’s facilities. This transforms the simplest of a weight room into a dynamic training facility.

The bands have helped elite level athletes along with men and women in our military. TRX bands can also be game-changers for beginners or elderly exercisers.

The lack of stress placed on your body’s joints and the amount of control you have makes TRX training safe and ideal for all.

Combines Core Into Strength Training

We all want that super tight stomach but how many of us skip out on our ab workout after an intense weight lifting session.

With the TRX bands, core strengthening is incorporated throughout your workout. This is because of the balance and body control needed for the exercises.

Having a full-body workout is oftentimes easier said than done but with suspension training through TRX bands, no muscle group gets the day off.

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I hope this was helpful in shedding some knowledge of what TRX bands are, and why you should use them!

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