Track Workouts

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Track workouts are becoming more popular. Head over to the junior high or high school and check out the old gym class area you used to use. Training at a track will give you a change of scenery and bring in fun possibilities too.

Track Etiquette

There are rules on the track, and they are not hard to remember. They make a lot of sense.

  1. Watch for school events and do not intrude on their time.
  2. Picking lanes, warm-up and cool down in the outside lanes. The inside lanes are the fast lanes.
  3. Passing on the right! This is different than driving, on the track, the right is the passing zone. When you come up behind a runner and want to pass the proper thing to do is shout “on the right” or “track,” so the runners are aware.
  4. Run Through- don’t stop short. Interval running needs to be done completely at your full speed and then slow the pace and move to the outside of the track. Stopping on the track can make it hard for other runners.

You Have Options

While at the track you have a variety of choices that you can do or even combine!

  • Sprint Intervals – runners doing interval work can improve their speed by 5 percent.
  • Use the Stairs – run those bleachers for a good cardio fix.
  • Jog Time – Jogging the track eliminates uneven sidewalks or having to use the road.
  • Switch It Up – You can run 5Ks or 10Ks and switching it up will work on shortening your recovery times.

Be Prepared

Be sure you have your water, and electrolytes with you when you set out for the track. Some people use smartwatches, smartphone apps, or fitness trackers to keep running stats. Be sure you have some pre-workout and post-workout options packed and ready.

Warming Up Before Running

Running right away with no warm-up exercises is not a good habit for runners. Why? Because doing warm-ups before running can actually prevent accidents or injuries at the same time, and more importantly, it conditions your cardio better.

Proper warming up should include ten minutes of walking or doing some light calisthenics to prepare both your heart and muscles before running.

It is not good to stretch cold muscles because they are prone to overstretching. This is why stretching should only be done when the run has finished.

Take Running One Step At A Time

Running should always complement how your body feels. Sometimes runners tend to run too fast without considering their body signals and so often encounter an injury.

If you are running with a friend, observe how you are going too slow or too fast by starting a chit-chat with your friend; or if there is no friend to talk, you may simply hum to yourself while observing your own pace.

Build Your Endurance

Always have a feel of your body. Know when you need to slow down and rest running for awhile.

This is the best way to make your endurance stronger. If at one point, you still feel tired from a day’s running, then stop for a while.

Adding mileage to your running training while still feeling exhaustion might aggravate your condition and make your heartbeat go below the normal resting rate.

Therefore, make it a point to gradually add mileage and increase it to 10% every week.

Setting A Schedule

Set a schedule most convenient to you and at a time when you do not feel too tired or too sleepy to run.

Runners who easily find themselves shying away from running just as soon as they have started are those who started running and training too hard.

You need to listen to what your body is telling you, many become incredibly sore or injured and this can cause you to quit.

They can end up feeling less confident, asking themselves why others can do it and they cannot.

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