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Time to Tee up!

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Golf is a sport that has picked up interest from women and children, it’s time to tee up! Now the courses are full of experienced and new players all trying to get in a round of golf in the sunshine.  Even more people are getting ready to join in playing, and there are benefits to gaining some skills on the green.

Golf Trains your Mind

The game of golf demands cognitive and motors skills. You use eye-hand and eye-body coordination during your play with prepping your swing and following through on it. The thought process in golf with estimation of distance and your strategies playing boosts your brain’s ability to adapt. It is a small ball going into a series of holes that takes some thinking about clubs and tactics of your game.

<img src="man_gold_putting.png" alt="man getting ready to put golf ball in hole"/>

It Can Be a Stress Reliever

Research shows that when you hit a bucket of balls at the driving range, you can feel just as satisfied as a heavy workout. The practice of repeating your swing takes away the stress in your mind. So it may be time to get a bucket at the range!

<img src="family_on_bridge.png" alt="family walking across bridge on gold course"/>

Golf is a Workout

Golf swings impact your arms, shoulders, and core every time you do them. You also can get five miles of walking in if you do 18-holes. That means that walking the course instead of riding in the golf cart can be good lower body work. Also, the walking increases your heart rate which helps burn calories.

<img src="man_golfing_sunrise.png" alt="man golfing at sunrise"/>
Many business deals are made over a game of golf too. Being able to play the game could be what gets you in good company and reaching new positions at work.

Golf can be a fun family event. Take the kids out for a shorter game of 9 holes. Some courses have tee times for children. Grab your relatives that like to play and use that as a way to get caught up.

<img src="family_with_golf clubs.png" alt="family with golf gear"/>
Have fun yelling “fore!” and check out the great golf courses in your area or explore others as a destination.

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