The Health Benefits Of Drinking Ketones

If you are hearing keto diet for the first time, you are in for a learning process because the health benefits of drinking ketones will change the way you think about fat loss and wellness. Most of us were taught to believe at a very young age that we need to avoid animal fats to prevent cardiovascular disease and achieve the desired body composition changes we are after.

With a process known as ketosis, the body burns fat for energy rather than glucose. It is an effective component that aids in fat loss, with the main goal being to get more calories from fats and proteins as opposed to carbs.

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Ketones and Ketosis

Keto refers to a ketogenic diet which has a high-fat content, enough protein to sustain and maintain muscle growth, and very low carbohydrate consumption. Science has proven that there is no correlation between a high-fat diet and cardiovascular disease.

The information we received was based upon flawed science to benefit pharmaceutical companies, the grain industry, and a few other corrupt and greedy organizations. To achieve the state of ketosis, you will need to deprive your body of glucose, a component that mainly comes from sugar and carbohydrates like grains and fruit.

This will lead to depletion of the glucose which is stored in the body leading to a decrease of blood sugar and insulin levels. At this point, the body will start looking for an alternative source of energy. In this case, it will begin burning body fat, which is stored energy to fuel the body. A decrease in body glucose normally increases fat metabolism; this will lead to induced fat loss.

A keto diet, in essence, helps and promotes ketone production, a fuel that the brain and heart are desperately searching for so they can thrive. Research now suggests that exogenous ketones could reduce the chances of us suffering from dementia and might prevent Alzheimer’s if taken along with quality healthy fats such as MCT 143, a low carbohydrate diet, and frequent exercise.

The Ketogenic Diet Is Not Required-Focus On Low Carb Lifestyle

The ketogenic diet is not required to feel the amazing benefits with ketones but a proper keto diet will enhance the speed at which body fat is lost and improve your general health. Keto diet apart from reducing body fat is that it addresses the root cause of most modern diseases which was caused by the SAD standard American diet.

Taking pure therapeutic ketones will help you have incredible natural energy, better sleep, no more brain fog, increased focus, better mood, clear your skin, improved digestion, muscle preservation & strength gain, appetite suppression, among many other benefits that are unique to you.

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Keto NAT Guaranteed Ketosis In Under 1 Hour. Every Serving. Every Time.

Among the best keto diet available in the market is Keto NAT. This technology is effectively created to help you get into ketosis within one hour of consumption, 100% of the time every time, guaranteed, regardless of your diet. This can be tested with a device such as a Keto Mojo which tests blood ketones and glucose levels. I even have vegan clients drinking Keto Nat.

You will no longer struggle to lose body fat and your life, in general, will get a boost as you will start sleeping well. You’ll witness an improvement in your mood and concentration. You’ll have the energy to keep up with your job and family without needing afternoon naps.

The best part is, you do not have to do a strict ketogenic diet to get the amazing benefits of pure therapeutic ketones! How cool is this? So many people give up too soon when trying a keto diet and never know how great ketosis feels. Now you can enjoy ketosis with Keto NAT and if you simply follow a low carb lifestyle you’ll feel awesome and finally get the results you’re after.

shaker cup of ketones listing all the benefits

Get A Quality Keto Cookbook

If you are in need of a great affordable Keto cookbook, this is one of my favorite go-to digital cookbooks. I keep it on my iPad, iPhone, and iMac for fast reference. I think you’d really benefit from it. Learn more here.

I’d Encourage You To Test Drive Ketones For 5 or 10 Days 

I really encourage you to test Ketones for 5 or 10 days before you commit to a full case. That’s how I got started with this, as a skeptic, but Keto NAT was a recommendation from a well respected natural doctor who suggested I try ketones to get my energy back. The product totally impressed me within a couple of days, I felt significantly better!

You can get your 10 Day Ketone Challenge Trial and receive the benefits which will improve your daily life.

If you’d rather grab a box or two of ketones, you cannot go wrong with any of the flavors shown below. Raspberry Lemonade,  Heart Tart, and Lime Time are the three best flavors in my opinion. Remember to select Smart ship to save $28 off of all future boxes. As a bonus for staying on Smart ship for 4 consecutive months, we will give you a free box of ketones with your smart ship order as a reward for being a loyal customer. Click here to order a full box.

Free Keto NAT Are The Best Ketones

If you want to receive ketones for free, you simply use the customer referral code that is given to you at checkout when you purchase a case and share the referral code with your friends. If two friends or co-workers each purchase a case on monthly shipments which saves them about $28, yours are free!

Simply connect them with me in a Facebook chat. I can share some information with them, such as the Campfire cartoon video. You’ll have access to tools you can share using your referral code so you don’t have to be the expert. My goal is to help them get theirs for free as well, it’s a win/win for everyone.

Would You Like My Free Coaching?

Ketones make “healthy” a lifestyle we can all be successful at!

Do you lack energy and suffer from brain fog (mom’s brain), stubborn belly fat, achy joints, poor digestion, skin problems, poor sleep?

Would you like my free coaching and earn results like my friends inside our better life community?

Click Here to learn how the Drink Ketones for 10 Day Challenge could help with fat loss, improve your health and athletic performance.

Ketones also help with muscle preservation as you burn body fat….it’s a win/win for both men and women.

We need to be strong and durable as we age so we can take care of ourselves without assistance for as long as possible.

Drinking KETO//OS NAT is diet independent, which means no specific diet is required to enjoy the benefits. This is why this product works so amazingly well!

However, drinking ketones daily, along with consuming lower carbohydrate meals and a consistent exercise routine can improve your well-being.

*Results represented in these images are specific to this individual and may not be representative of your results based upon your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and health factors.

A Ketone Business Opportunity For Only $37 A Year?

This Keto NAT business opportunity is available with free ongoing training for only $37 a year! We are a blue ocean company, which means we have very little competition. The health shake and CDB industry as an example are both oversaturated markets.

If you’re coachable, and or an influencer, (I’m very much an introvert and have done very well for myself) this is a really fun and rewarding way to earn some extra income. The company also has a car bonus program including Telsa, SUV, or truck for achieving an obtainable benchmark with consistent effort and work.

If you’re ambitious we have a couple of starter package options available that supply you with 80-300 packets of ketones. You can sell these people you know in 5-day trials, which is a great way to launch your business fast. This is how I got started, but not required for success, it’s just a much faster way to success. The company rewards you with several nice cash bonuses for selling all your ketone packets and creating new customers and business partners. Contact me to learn more.

Why Work With Me?

I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and have made all the mistakes for you so you don’t have to learn the hard way. I have been coached and mentored by the best in the industry. I have partnered with Ray Higdon to train my team if you’re ambitious and open to the world’s best training in daily 10-minute Facebook lives.

Together we will show you a skill set and posture that is simple to implement right away. I’m an honest guy, the truth is, I was not an overnight success, it took me a couple of years to earn a full-time income. This is not a get rich quick business, but what we do is simple and if you’re consistent daily, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your business will grow. 

Like most busy people, I did this in tiny pockets of my day while working a full-time career along with raising a family of five.

The effort I put into my business was worth it. It was such a great feeling to finally have the extra income needed to pay off over $30k in medical and credit card debt. What we do is really simple. I see if someone is open to watching the campfire video. We get them started with the Drink Ketones For 10 days Challenge to test out the flavors, and in the process, they can experience the power of ketosis.

The Pruvit community is awesome and supportive! We lead with education and we have some of the smartest doctors, researchers, and thought leaders in the world who are here to help you succeed. We hold several live training events throughout the year across the USA and globally to help you with personal growth, ketone education, leadership, and business skills. Of course, we have incredible free online training as well to get you started right.

The Tax Benefits Of A Home Based Ketone Business Are Significant

The tax benefits to having a home-based business can save you thousands of dollars a year, even if you’re making little to no money. Even if you’re investing $1200 a year in ketones for personal consumption or to sell as samples to friends and family, your tax advisor can possibly save you somewhere around $4000 a year in taxes from what I’ve seen.

I’m not offering any tax advice, this is just what I’ve seen written and spoken from professional tax advisors such as Sandi Botkin and Courtney Epps. If you’d like an eye-opening education about why you need a home-based business to lower your taxable income, listen to this podcast with tax expert Courtney Epps and get back to me asap.

This film, Rise Of The Entrepreneur by Eric Worre, who has mentored me for several years is another great resource if you need more information on why having a home-based business can be so important to your financial health.

As you can see, it’s an extremely intelligent decision to have a home-based business of your own so you’re not giving so much of your hard-earned income to uncle sam. Financial security becomes a reality when you have more than one stream of income and a tax-deductible business.

I hope this article on the health benefits of ketones was helpful to you. Please contact me here and schedule a time that we can jump on a call to see if this is a good fit for you and your family.


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