The Carnivore Diet

The Carnivore Diet

I share my experience with the carnivore diet. I had leaky gut, autoimmune issues, anxiety, aches & pains, and this diet significantly improved my health.

Before we get started it has been several months from the time I made this video and finally turned it into a blog. I’ve been 95% carnivore for 6 months. My health has only improved since this video was made. 

My “Aha” Moments with my gut issues.

I want to talk about something that is new to me as far as finally figuring out how to resolve my severe gut issues. If you’re interested, you can go read my blog to learn how I healed leaky gut.

IBS, Leaky Gut, Crohns, Are Not a Disease, It’s a Man-Made Symptom

I was working with a great holistic gastroenterologist who said that IBS, Leaky Gut, Crohns, are not a disease, it’s a man-made symptom. The mucosal lining in your gut has holes in it causing inflammation and bleeding.

It can be healed and recovered in most cases using the supplements in my blog and a no fiber diet for a period of time. The supplements I started taking and the elimination of fiber, I started feeling better both mentally and physically as the mucosal lining started to seal the gut walls again.

Dr. Snow suggested a super strict diet. Zero fibrous food. So, that would be no raw food- fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains anything rough.

The interesting part to me is that I was feeling better by giving up the fiber which gave my gut a break so it could heal. I used to have horrendous gas and bloating.

I really started feeling better rapidly when I got rid of fibrous fruits and vegetables, and I was shocked to learn about oxalates in plants and how they cause so much harm, but nobody is talking about it.

I’ve been doing a lot of research following a lot of medical doctors who are doing Keto and carnivore diet themselves. That’s really what this gastroenterologist had me doing was just eating meat. Dr. Snow said eat really overcooked or blended veggies, but even that kept me really sickly and gassy.

I Was Challenged By Doctors To Do The Carnivore Diet

I found a few fun doctors that were talking about the carnivore diet and they challenged me to go all-in on the carnivore diet and give up plants for 30 days so I could make a decision if the diet was helping clear up so many of the health issues I was suffering with.

Now, this goes against everything I teach everybody who’s just new to weight loss, so just hear me out on this with an open mind. Carnivore isn’t something I’m promoting for everybody to do, but maybe you’ve tried to lose weight and was to sick to succeed at a fitness program?

Maybe you’ve tried to get rid of arthritis with the ketogenic diet or any type of inflammatory issues and you just felt stuck and frustrated like it wasn’t working. The carnivore diet may help you.

The Carnivore Diet book from Shawn Baker is a great resource that answers a lot of questions you might have about any concerns such as cholesterol and what to supplement with.

Plants Contain Anti-Nutrients

A couple of things that I learned were about anti-nutrients in plants.

Lectins, now I heard a lot of people talking about these, and I’ll just give you a brief summary. Lectins are an ingestible protein that travels through the gut unchanged. High quantities damage the gut wall. They bind to nutrients and stop their absorption. So, what would that mean?

That would be like they bind to zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium. The thing that struck me is that I have Celiac Disease. So, some of these things are wheat, soybeans, kidney beans, peanuts, tomatoes, potatoes, chickpeas.

To learn about oxalates you can learn more from the expert Sally K Norton’s website. I’ve since learned a lot more from her about oxalates since I had initially written this blog. This is a great video interview with Sally and Paul Saladino, the doctor that inspired me to try the Carnivore Diet for 30 days and beyond.

That was interesting because gluten makes me sicker than hell, but all these plants give me excessive amounts of gas, bloating and fatigue.

So, the next thing this medical doctor talked about was oxalates, a compound found in many plants. Oxalate binds to minerals and stops their absorption. Again, 80% of kidney stones are formed from calcium oxalate. Oxalates form as tiny glass-like shards in your joints and organs.

Oxalates & Phytates

Plants that are highest in oxalates are spinach, rhubarb, rice, bran, buckwheat, almonds, wheat, potato, and soybeans. I’ve been eating a lot of these foods, thinking a salad’s healthy…..LOL!

So, these next ones are phytates, which serves as the main storage form of phosphorus. They bind to minerals and stop absorption. In my blog on leaky gut, you’ll see I mention the Root Cause Protocol as a serious game-changer in everyone’s health. The RCP helps us restore a healthy balance of minerals in the body, it’s amazing how much better I felt after implementing it.

All these issues lead to inflammation. Inflammation of the brain is not a good thing. It causes all kinds of mental health issues, physical issues, and dementia. It can lead to Alzheimer’s down the road.

So, all these unexplained health issues and fatigue I was experiencing for decades were just piling up on me and making me sicker by the year. Even though this past year I feel a hell of a lot better than I have in my life, I just wanted to go a little bit further because my gut still wasn’t quite right.

One of the things I learned was that many plant-based foods contain a high amount of glyphosate and inflammatories, such as beyond meat.

Monsanto & Round-Up

When you already have a compromised digestive system, glyphosate is killing off the flora in your gut. That’s what Monsanto sprays on all of our foods, we know it as Round-Up herbicide at lawn and garden centers. Round-Up has been banned in many countries, but here in the USA, pharmaceutical companies are making billions on it making us sick.

These foods and grains aren’t being washed anyway and when you’re consuming them, it’s just making you sicker. It’s eating more holes in your gut lining and causing all kinds of hell with your neurological system, your brain function, your mood.

I posted a video on YouTube the other day, and I had a great exchange conversation with a guy who was just telling me what I’m doing is insane and I’m going to kill myself.

I just laughed to myself. So, hey! Thanks for your concern, man. I appreciate it, but I’m going to be okay. There is plenty of science coming out daily from doctors and researchers debunking all the plant-based myths out there that meat causes disease.

Here’s what’s happened to me in the last month. I’ve been on this leaky gut & RCP protocol for a year feeling great, but not feeling perfect.

So, here’s what’s happened in a month of the carnivore diet. Anxiety, completely gone. My mood has never been more stable in my life. I haven’t passed gas in a month. I mean, when you’re on a plant-based diet, you always have gas.

That’s why I was doing the leaky gut protocol. I was trying to get rid of horrendous gas and bloating. I feel really good now and I’m lifting heavier and gaining muscle. I’ve lost seven or eight pounds now. It’s really working for me.

This is something that might interest you to look into if you’re having health issues and you just can’t figure it out after minimizing carbs or doing keto.

If You’re Sick, But Eat Healthily, It Might Be Plant Toxins

If you’re sick, it might be the plants in your diet because they have a defense mechanism. They don’t want to be consumed. Animals, they’re got claws, teeth, feet. They can run. They can getaway.

Plants created a form of toxins to where they cannot be eaten so they can reproduce and live on. I know it’s kind of woo-woo, and vegans are going to get pissed and debate me on this. But I just know that I’ve tried eating things like beyond meat, and it caused intense digestive upset.

I was a vegan for years and it really amplified my anxiety and IBS because I was consuming so much fiber, carbs, and glyphosate. It just made my health worse. I got tested for Lyme’s Disease initially because how could the vegan diet be making me sick if it’s “so healthy”???

I was getting all these tests done and realized it was just fibrous fruits and vegetables.  I’m not against the vegan diet, but I am asking you guys if you’re sick to please look into other options. I refused to take medications and changed my diet and I feel great now.

The whole diet thing is confusing. All I know is I’ve been eating beef, eggs, bacon, and drinking lots of water, ketones, and I feel great. Carnivore is the ultimate elimination diet, and it addresses the root cause of most modern food-related health issues.

My Energy Levels Have Never Been Better

I feel great, my energy’s through the roof! Even if I’m only sleeping seven hours, I wake up fully energized whereas, in the past, I couldn’t sleep 12 hours and wake up feeling good. I was just dead to the world. Everything about my health has radically improved over the last month.

I would say that what I’m doing is working. Am I going to be strictly carnivore forever? Probably not. But now, my gut’s healing. I feel more mentally stable and joyful than I have in my life. I’m going to keep doing this for quite a while to help my body heal and stay out of fight and flight.

There’s no more shooting pains or going down to my gut. I could actually feel it coming out in my toes at times.

The carnivore diet is working for me. It might work for you too.

I can help you lose weight and feel better, just reach out. If I lost 100 pounds, you can do it too. Please reach out, I’d love to help you.

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*Results represented in these images are specific to this individual and may not be representative of your results based upon your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and health factors.





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