How To Survive Spring Break

How To Survive Spring Break

Here are some tips on how to survive spring break. Spring break will be here before we know it and we need to be ready! Kids have breaks from school, trips are on the books, and we still need to find time for our exercise.

Without a plan, things can become hectic and stressful. The last thing we need on our plates is added stress when trying to enjoy times with our family and fun-filled vacations.

Plan Ahead

Plan, plan, and plan some more! Whether you are a natural planner or not, it is vital that we not let the task we need to perform get ahead of us. If we can provide some order to what we need to accomplish, we can set ourselves up for success and stay on track with our exercise routine.

Take Workouts on the Road

If a spring break trip is in your forecast, ensure not having any setbacks in your progress by finding ways to exercise away from home.

Even if it is a change from your normal routine, instead of skipping exercise times just because you are away from home, make sure you do some type of workout.

Resistance bands and some fitness DVDs can easily fit into your suitcase and you will feel much better when returning to your normal routine because you did not go back a step. 

You could also utilize digitally streamed workouts and have your workouts ready to go on your laptop, iPad, or iPhone. All you need is internet service and you’re all set! All hotels have adequate gyms to sneak in a workout.

Include the Kids

While the kids are off from school and will have their own activities they will want to do, try finding things you can do together. By “hitting two birds with one stone”, you can maximize your time management and your fitness.

Getting to spend time with your little ones while maintaining your fitness agenda is the ultimate success and proves you were ready for this year’s spring break!

Eat Keto-Friendly Meals

While traveling, pack keto-friendly snacks to avoid sugar and you’ll stay right on track with your goals. Pack jerky, cheese sticks, nuts, pork rinds, and other low carb snacks like Keto Up to stay satiated and energized.

As you’ll be dining out, eat animal protein and veggies, skipping the carbs and sugary drinks. I love an occasional treat, which is totally fine, just don’t overdo it.

More and more keto-friendly snacks and treats have made their way to the market, so those can be a great choice. Did these tips help you learn how to survive spring break?

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*Results represented in these images are specific to this individual and may not be representative of your results based upon your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and health factors.


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