SuperSet Anytime & Anywhere You Workout

In this article, superset anytime & anywhere you workout, you’ll learn that a superset is a system of strength training where you move quickly from one exercise to another without taking rest in between them.

Often these are sets of 2 different exercises and a cardio burst. Don’t worry; you can have a quick break to catch your breath or grab some water between these full sets of exercise. You do not need equipment to do this, although some people make a choice to use some!

SuperSet Breakdown

You have a few choices with supersets. A superset is the combo of a cardio burst with two moves that either work the same area or opposing muscle groups.

You can do quick sets of 5-10 of each of the workout moves and your cardio and then take your small rest. Another way is to do this is to climb your way up the number of reps by repeating.

Do 1 rep of each move including the cardio, then 2 reps of each move, and repeat by raising the number done each time up to 10. Want to go big with this? Then climb back down the ladder in reps again.


30-second cardio bursts do up your heart rate. That gets everything in motion.

Moves To Perform

SuperSet Workouts to Try

  1. Alternating Reverse Lunges- Step back and bend both knees to 90 degrees with your hands on your hips. Press back up through your front heel to stand up and repeat on the opposite side.
  2. Push-ups – yes push-ups. Go for it on your toes or drop to your knees. Work up to your toes.
  3. Squat Jump as your Cardio Burst- feet hip-distance apart and sit back into a squat with your arms bent in front of you. Explode into a jump bringing your arms to your sides and repeat the squat jump.

Sumo Squat Jumps  This is a squat jump but with your feet wide, toes angled out, knees tracking in the same direction as the toes.

Leg Lift to Rev Crunch Start by laying down with hands under your butt for low back support and your legs straight outstretched and hovering off the floor. From here, lift your legs up to form a 90-degree angle with your body and then press your feet straight up towards the ceiling for a reverse crunch, lifting your hips up off the floor. Return to starting hover. That’s one rep.

Another SuperSet

Come up with some of your own. Do some prisoner squats and some plank taps and round out with some high knee run as your cardio burst.

Fill in the superset with some of your problem area exercises. If you do not have time for a full workout or run, try a superset as a challenge!

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