Super Bowl Sunday Doesn’t Have to Be a Cheat Day

Super Bowl Sunday Doesnt Have to Be a Cheat Day

Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t have to be a cheat day, some of us may have grown accustomed to pigging out on unhealthy foods and alcoholic beverages, but it does not have to be that way.

We eat clean for months leading up to the big game and tell ourselves it is just one day that we steer off track, but why can’t we enjoy what we eat and do so correctly?

If you are hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday or attending one with a group of friends, try making or bringing some of these healthy options. Now while you cheer for your pick to win, you can benefit your health and fitness routine as well.

Guacamole with Veggies

Instead of the typical fat loaded dips this year, try guacamole with sliced veggies. There are multiple guacamole recipes or products that will be perfect for clean eaters and those of us wanting to get more out of our snacks.

By replacing the chips most of us normally devour with vegetables, we can snack guilt-free, still, have the crunch, and feel better throughout the long night of football.

Healthy Nut Mix

Creating or finding a mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, and pistachios will provide you and your viewing partners with a protein-rich healthy snack option.

While we need to make sure we do not go completely overboard with consumption, a good mixture of nuts is a much smarter option than most gameday foods.

Turkey Wraps

As we get later in the evening and closer to game time, we will need something with a little more sustenance. Turkey wraps can give us a wonderful serving of protein per portion size.

We can make turkey wraps to serve as finger food to help control how much we are all-consuming.  Healthy low-carb wrap shells are available at many stores and can be very tasty.

Or you can use romaine leaves as a wrap if you’re serious about keto. Anytime when food is at the center of the activity, portion size control is just as important as the food we are eating.

Steak Kabobs

Kickoff is minutes away and it’s time to enjoy some delicious protein! Steak kabobs are a great food choice for those of us looking to stay smart with our Super Bowl menu.

Once again controlling portion size and with the flexibility to create each kabob for certain guest’s personal preference of accompanying vegetables, steak kabobs will be a touchdown!

By staying on track with our nutritional goals as much as possible during this day of football and food, our day after a workout will be much more successful. In fact, make a point to hit that workout the morning of the game so that is not a skip day for you.

For those who do not have much interest in sports or the big game, these snacks can still be utilized at any time. Remember these when you are hosting a great group of people to socialize and wish to provide a healthy, power-packed menu.

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