Sandbag Workouts

person picking up a workout sandbag

Sandbag workouts used to be a football or mixed martial arts thing, but now more than ever, people are filling up a sandbag and making some fitness moves.

You can, in fact, often use sandbags instead of weights or kettlebells on some moves.  The equipment is playground sand and sandbags. These can be purchased at Amazon or at many sporting goods stores.

The Benefit of Sandbag Workouts

You can both increase muscles and sculpt while burning calories with your sandbag workout. A great thing about the sandbag is the ability to increase the weight of sand within the sandbag. When you’re ready to advance to higher levels, add more sand.

This gear will increase your workout levels and add a twist that brings new intensity in different ways that will challenge you.

Some Sandbag Moves

  • Press Jacks
    The traditional Jumping Jack can turn into a press jack when you do the same foot movements but raise and lower the sandbag over your head. This is a great cardio move.
  • Bear Hug Squat

Grab a sandbag and hug it to your chest with your feet slightly beyond shoulder width. Push your hips back and lower your body until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor.

  • Weighted Squats
    Grab your sandbag instead of weights or dumbbells and squat with the sandbag against your chest. Be sure to keep your back straight and lower your rear. Be careful to not lean forward. Use good squat form.
  • Around The World Stand

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a sandbag in front of you. Pivot left and lift the bag in a circle behind your head. Repeat to your right. Continue alternating.

  • Sandbag Pull-Throughs
    Go into a strong plank position on your hand and toes. Place a sandbag on the ground to the right parallel to under your body and somewhat outside and behind your right hand. Grab the side of the bag and pull it straight across to the left past your hand and repeat this bring the bag back and forth across without breaking your plank.
  • Dead Lift Squats

Stand with feet just wider than hip-width apart, holding the sandbag by side handles, palms facing the body. Keeping back straight, hinge at hips and send butt back to lower bag toward the floor. Drive through the backs of legs to come up. As you do this, use the power from your legs to flip the sandbag, so it rests in crooks of elbows. Sit butt back and down to lower into a squat, keeping weight in heels. As you rise, flip the sandbag back down to starting position. Make it easier: Practice the deadlift and the squat as separate moves before putting them together.

Can you think of other moves you can do? Who is ready to go to the hardware store to buy playground sand? Nothing is fancy about this, but it packs a punch. Have a fun sandbag workout!

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