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Pan Seared Keto Steak and Eggs

Pan Seared Keto Steak and Eggs

Who loves steak and eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner as much as I do? This breakfast classic is topped off avocado to satiate those taste buds.














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Pan Seared Keto Steak and Eggs

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Posted in: Breakfast, Keto
Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
10 minutes
Passive Time
15 minutes

Recipe Notes


1 tbsp butter

3 eggs

 4 oz sirloin

 1/2 avocado

1. In a medium-sized pan on high heat, melt your butter and fry 3 eggs until the whites are set.

2. In another medium-sized pan (on high heat), cook your sirloin steak until desired color.

3. Slice the steak into bite-sized pieces.

4. Slice up ½ an avocado and serve.

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