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Keto Lime Mojitos

Keto Lime Mojitos

Try this delicious Keto Lime Mojito for an alcohol-free, healthy treat. It is sweet, refreshing and will give you sustained energy.


1 packet KETO//OS® Max Key Limeade
1 cup club soda
4 slices of fresh lime
4 leaves of fresh mint


1. Muddle mint and lime together in bottom of glass.
2. Fill with ice cubes*.
3. Mix KETO//OS® Max Key Limeade with club soda and pour over ice.
4. Garnish with mint and lime.

*Optional- Mint ice cubes: Roughly chop fresh mint leaves and sprinkle into each cell of an ice cube tray. Fill with water, and freeze into cubes

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Keto Lime Mojitos

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Prep Time
2 minutes
Cook Time
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