Proper Footwear A Good Foundation

Just as in many aspects of life, having a strong foundation and proper footwear is a must. When beginning your fitness journey, it is vital to make sure you find the proper footwear to exercise in. Foot injuries can keep you away from the gym and be the cause of excruciating pain.


Before finding the right shoe, you need to find the right sock. Here are a few tips to consider when finding the best sock for you:

      • Socks should be breathable and moisture-wicking to prevent blisters
      • Loose socks allow friction which can cause abrasions
      • Find socks that cushion the bottoms of your feet
      • Many of my female clients prefer these types of athletic socks from Amazon


What you wear on your feet can be vital to your health and help to keep you motivated to stay on your path to becoming more fit. I love all the fun colors of running shoes, but what you need to focus on first is form and function before fashion.

      • Start by finding a store that will measure your feet professionally
      • Many stores can track your gait and get the proper shoe for your specific style
      • Fit and comfort over style and color
      • Choose the right shoe for the activity

What Type Of Activity Are You Needing Shoes For?

Generally, people purchase shoes on how they like the look or the design of the shoe. I also purchase shoes that look cool when they are to wear casually around town.

When I started teaching group fitness classes I learned real quick that the right shoe is needed for the activity. While teaching HIIT cardio, and I kept nearly rolling my ankles. The realization was because I was wearing running shoes. I bought them because they were bright and cool looking.

I started investigating proper footwear and discovered I needed a cross-training shoe that had better ankle stability in the sides of the shoe.

Cross-training shoes offered much better support for lateral movements and I no longer felt like I was going to twist my ankles.

The downside to most cross-trainer shoes is that they often look like traditional 1990’s dad shoes, they can be fugly…..LOL!!!

Invest In Insoles

While finding the perfect sock and shoe can be a lifesaver, sometimes finding an additional custom-fit insole is needed to maximize comfort and injury prevention.

Testing Shoes Can Be A Hassle

It’s no fun when you purchase the “perfect” pair of athletic shoes to only find out they feel terrible on your feet. Most stores are not excited to take returns on sweaty shoes, but they often will allow you to exchange them.

The bigger hassle is that if you purchased your shoes online. You’ll then have to wait for a return authorization number and gamble on trying a different shoe.

This can take 2-3 weeks to get back into a new pair of shoes, which you may not be thrilled about.

I learned to purchase shoes locally until I find the ones that fit and feel great. If these shoes performed well for a month or two I’ll then consider buying the same brand online in different colors.

Pure Therapeutic Ketones

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*Results represented in these images are specific to this individual and may not be representative of your results based upon your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and health factors.




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