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Printful Review

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In this Printful review video, I’m going to unbox t-shirts I created using Printful print on demand, drop shipping service & share my honest opinion of the experience.

Hey, my name is Wade Lamping. I do a couple of different things online. I have a huge passion for network marketing, which I’ve successfully been doing for 10 years.

I’m also a Keto coach; Everyone is looking to feel better, have more energy, sleep better, lose weight and make more money, so I help people like you in all those areas of your lives.

I like affiliate marketing and the leadership of helping people succeed in their businesses.

I Want To Teach Children How To Be Entrepreneurs

One of the things my children & I wanted was a system that teaches them how to be entrepreneurs, and how to sell products online. To start a network marketing company, a person has to be 18 years old.

I’ve invested in numerous paid courses over the years from great marketers such as Pat Flynn, Rick Mulready, James Wedmore, Ray Higdon, Amy Porterfield, Create & Go and Alison Prince to name a few so we could find a step by step system to selling products and monetizing better on my blogs with digital products.

If you’d love to learn how to build an online business selling physical products, Alison Prince’s 0-$100K System is one of the best courses my family and I have ever taken. If you take action on what she teaches, you’ll start having success, it’s worth the investment.

<img src="click here" alt="Allison Price Printful review”>

Not Ready To Invest In Purchasing Physical Products? Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is Best For Beginners.

If you’re not ready to invest in purchasing physical products out of China to test the market and ship them from your home as Alison teaches, then I have a better solution for you as a beginner.

If you have a blog or would like to start blogging and sell digital products by becoming an affiliate marketer and receiving a commission for promoting someone else’s product, then Create & Go is the best Blogging and Monetizing course I’ve ever taken.

I’ve invested thousands of dollars into courses that didn’t deliver what was promised. Create & Go covers everything you need to know, how to start a blog, then how to make your first $1000, then scale it up. They teach email marketing, how to build a business on Pinterest as well. The Create & Go course is very affordable as a bundle, but you can purchase their 4 courses individually as well. Learn more about Create & Go here with Alex and Lauren.

<img src="click here.png" alt=“create and go”>

Building A Brand On Pinterest

I just don’t have a big IG following because I’m not a celebrity or anything like that. So, it was kind of hard for me. Through my experience with Pinterest and building my brand, I have now figured out how I’m going to build Instagram once I make time.

I’ve been blogging for over three years. Someone reached out to me and said, “Dude, you need to be on Pinterest because you have hundreds of pretty good blogs.”

I didn’t even know how to use Pinterest! So, I took a small course from Jenna Kutcher on Pinterest. Then I discovered Create & Go (which was much more thorough and was less expensive) and I learned how to build my brand on Pinterest and gain traffic to my website using my blogs.

Through my network marketing business, I discovered I should have multiple streams of income coming in any way because it’s just smart.

So, between affiliate marketing and helping my children develop some products using Printful, I thought, I’m going to do this myself because it’s going to complement what I’m already doing.

<img src="pinterest.png" alt="pinterest printful review 2019”>

Printful Is A Print On Demand & Drop Shipping Service

Printful is a print on demand service that also drop ships the items to your customer. It’s a fairly hands-off business once you have automations setup. It’s also free.

If you make a sale, the money goes into your PayPal account. Printful then pulls out their product costs and shipping, and you keep the difference. We are currently profiting $10-$12 a shirt.

Printful is a great idea for people who are in network marketing or a sport that might want to have team t-shirts printed and shipped.

<img src="printful.png" alt="printful review 2019”>


I highly encourage you to use Canva for creating T-shirt designs, it works great.

Printful tells you what size it should be. I just make sure that when I was uploading the image into Printful that it was really high resolution, so it’ll look high quality on t-shirts.

I’m going to show you guys some t-shirts that I ordered. This particular t-shirt here only comes in heather, which is a blend of polyester and cotton.

Then, the other four cotton colors are white, grey, navy blue and black. If you want to go with a red t-shirt or any other colors, you have to go with a different brand.

<img src="canva_app" alt=“Canva Printful Review”>

The Shirts I’m Currently Using Are Gildan 64000

The t-shirt that I’m using right now in this Printful Review blog is the Gildan 64000, and they don’t come in any other colors

In order for you to choose a red or a different color T-shirt, you have to go with a different t-shirt brand, which will double the price of your cost. I’m hoping Printful adds 2-3 new colors of the Gildan 64000 to their catalog.

I’m trying to keep our profit margin around $10 per shirt and just under $20 to the buyer.

Shipping for my customers is around $4 USA, and I have it set up that if people order a couple of shirts, they’ll still only paying the $4 for combined shipping. So, it’s a fair deal for the customers as well.

My Unboxing Of New Products

I’ve just received my box from Printful with one of every T-shirt design I’ve created. This is really the only expense, and I think this is smart to check the quality.

I’m going to start with this t-shirt, and this does not have my brand on it because I wanted to offer some shirts that one would wear if they’re in a different company.

This here is a really cute shirt that I made. It just came out of the package, so they’re wrinkled. The color is great! Let’s face it, the quality is never going to be good as screen printing or silkscreen printing, which always going to be more durable and last longer in the wash.

<img src="merchandise" alt="coachlamping merchandise mom crack printful review 2019”>


I’m Impressed With The Quality Of The Finished Products

However, I’m impressed with the quality of these shirts, they’re really good! I’ll show you two shirts I ordered about three weeks ago, and I’ve washed them probably, six times to see how they hold up in the washing machine and they’re doing great!

I read the reviews of these shirts and everybody has opinions, so you kind of have to sort through all the stuff and decide what the best shirt is for you.

The only concern with this white shirt is that some women say that their bra straps show through. Some women don’t care, some do. So, just pick a different color.

Putting my hand through here, it’s thin, but it’s not that thin. I don’t think it’s a problem because a lot of the women who are selling these shirts on Printful are saying it’s not really the problem that people are making it out to be.

<img src="click here" alt=“CBDPure Oil printful review 2019”>

$8 Printed T-shirt with $10 Profit

I think for an $8 printed t-shirt, you make $10 profit on it, it’s a nice t-shirt. One of the things you’ll see is that these shirts come very well packaged. They have the SKU on them on the back too. Printful does a good job with production, packaging, shipping, and communication, they are well organized.

Unique Fonts Print Well

This shirt, I chose kind of a unique font in Canva. It’s got some markings through the font and I didn’t know if this is going to look good on a t-shirt once it’s printed. You can see this got my brand on the bottom of the shirt. I think the shirt actually turned out great and the font is pretty easy to read.

<img src="merchandise" alt="coachlamping merchandise keto AF printful review 2019”>

I had a sweatshirt printed because it’s Montana and it snowed today, in September. There are plenty of colors available for this sweatshirt, so I added a good variety to my store.

<img src="red hoodie.png" alt="Red hoodie marked safe from vegan diet printful review 2019”>

These shirts make people laugh and catch attention. The apparel starts natural conversations with people about diets. I was vegan for years, so I’m not a hater. It’s just kind of funny conversation starter so I can help people feel better with some of the products that I use and sell.

I printed this one here for the women. I don’t have my brand on it. They can wear this shirt and draw attention to their own business and people might ask them questions.

<img src="my two loves .png" alt="my two loves coffee and pugs printful review 2019”>

Good Reasons To Use Canva Pro

Here’s a good example of when you’re using Canva. I have the paid pro version of Canva. I think it’s $9.99 a month. My family and I all use Canva, so it was worth the $9.99 a month to utilize the pro version because they offer a lot of great tools and royalty-free images. I use Canva daily, primarily for Pinterest.

For t-shirts you can export these as transparent backgrounds in the Canva pro-version. If you take this shirt, for example, I exported that image with a transparent background so there’s no white between the letters.

Here’s an example of a shirt that I couldn’t print with a transparent background. The nature of this design that I chose, the image had some issues, so I printed it with the white in the background. In my opinion, it doesn’t look that bad at all, I think it’s a great shirt.

<img src="my_food_pyramid.png" alt="my food pyramid merchandise printful review 2019”>

Random Fact I Lost 100 pounds

I lost 100 pounds with the keto diet and that’s why I’m a fan of this diet, ketones, and the t-shirts I created to support my brand. When I ordered shirts, even though I used to be kind of fat, trying on and buying clothes was a painful experience.

<img src="click here" alt="keto//os nat ketones printful review 2019”>

I bought an extra-large and large size as my first two samples and the XL was too big, and the large fits just right. It’s not snug, but it looks good on me. It feels good; it’s a soft tee.

Some people in these reviews said the shirts are too long. When you wash them, they do shrink up in length. I don’t think they’re too long.

I’m 5’11” and 210 pounds currently and I have a 32-inch waist. This large shirt fits me really well. I’m just using that for reference for guys who are looking at these shirts perhaps.

The female customers love these shirts and I haven’t received any complaints.

<img src="ketone benefits" alt="ketone benefits printful review 2019”>

You can put your own brand in the packaging if you want to, such as a card or additional content for an extra fee.

The shipped package doesn’t say it came from Printful. It says it came from you as your brand. All these shirts appeared to be shipped from Coach Lamping.

The first shirt I ordered, was printed slightly crooked. That was kind of a red flag to me, but we are all human and make mistakes at work. I used to actually print these kinds of shirts for my restaurant employees, and I made similar mistakes.

I contacted Printful in an email and told them the shirt image was crooked and they credited my account right away.

Printful Has Great Customer Service

If you’re a customer and you’re buying these shirts, they’ll either credit your account or you can ship it back and they’ll send you a new one as an exchange. Their customer service is awesome!

<img src="customer_service.png" alt="customer service printful review 2019”>

This might be a great way to get your children into a business that doesn’t really have a lot of startup costs. When you’re selling shirts, you’ll need a platform to sell them on, such as a website.

I already have a website to sell my shirts on. I’m using WooCommerce for Word Press and Pinterest. There’s a Printful plugin that goes into Word Press. I can simply bulk upload all my shirt designs right into eBay or Pinterest from Printful.

<img src="click here" alt=“mito red light”>

If You Don’t Have a Website Consider Shopify

If you have a child and you’re just starting out, you probably have to set yourselves up with a Shopify store, which I think is $29 a month. Allison Prince teaches you how to choose the best platform based upon your goals and products in here course.

<img src="shopify.png" alt="shopify printful review 2019”>

It’s always best when you’re getting started to go slow with this and find some influencers who will maybe help promote you and your children’s t-shirts and get that going.

Influencers and other online marketers are generally willing to help children with their business, so make sure and reach out to influencers you like.

Starting a business is always challenging; so have a lot of patience, play the long game, be coachable. Invest in courses. Remember this, just because you have a website, doesn’t mean anybody’s going to find it.

You have to promote your shop and learn how to get free traffic. Maybe have an email opt-in with a free offer such as a short checklist pdf on something that interests people in your niche so you can add value and market to your list as it grows.

I hope this printful review was helpful!

Feel free to leave comments below. I try and reply every day to answer questions.

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