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Planking is a great way to get some exercise that benefits the whole body.  In fact, you are actually working the entire body when you plank because you are defying gravity and suspending yourself up.

How to Plank

Planking is about alignment. The whole body should be in a perfectly straight line. Establish a good base on your hands or your elbows, directly under your shoulders at a 90-degree angle.

An easy way to get into position is to start on your hands and knees.  Next, place your forearms or hands carefully, and then step back with one foot and then the other.

Press those hands or forearms into the ground and push yourself away from the floor. The classic plank is done on your forearms. Now squeeze!

Benefits of Planking

Planking is an excellent way to work your abs since there is an emphasis on your core. This exercise also strengthens your core and aids in developing a definition in your midsection.

Planking can help with back pain by stretching out the back muscles. It also lengthens out your vertebra and stabilizes your back with stronger abs over time.

Strengthening your core through planking helps your posture and coordination.  Your whole body works together to perform the plank, so you reap the benefit throughout the body.

How to do the Side Plank

Lay on your left side on the floor. Place your feet together on top of each other. Next, prop yourself up on your left elbow and forearm.

Raise your hips so that your body forms a straight line from shoulder to ankle. Place the top hand on your hip. Repeat on the right side.

Plank Challenge

Mix up a plank challenge with holding a pose with different variations of planks. Try 30 seconds of a classic plank, 30 seconds a side plank, return to the classic plank for 30 seconds, side plank on the other side for 30 seconds, and then finish with another classic plank for 30 seconds.

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