Paddle Sports 101

Paddle Sports 101 a woman on a paddle board on water

Paddle sports 101 has become one of the fastest-growing and popular outdoor activities. This is not just your vacation canoe adventure anymore. Paddling can build up your arms and your abs and burn 320 calories per hour.

Paddle Sports Are Family Friendly

If you are close to an ocean, lake, river, or pond, you can get your water sport on. In the last few years, kayaking has increased, but the real surprise is stand-up paddleboarding.

People have flocked to do that form of fun. There are many rental locations around that can help you get everything that you need to try these sports, including life vests.

Often, those places have instructors too that you can use. It makes sense to experiment using several different models of kayaks and SUP boards before you invest in getting your own.

There are SUP boards that cost near to $1000, so a bit of experience is beneficial in making equipment decisions.

Dressing for the Water

It is definitely water and usually hot outside, so bathing suits are a popular choice since you do usually have the potential of getting wet.

Some people even wear a rash guard or wetsuits over their swimsuits. This helps block the sun.

When you are on the water, there are reflection challenges that increase sun exposure. It is smart to have sunglasses when you paddle.

One of the most obvious and notable benefits of sunscreen is that it protects your skin against the sun’s broad spectrum of harmful UV rays. Sunscreen actually minimizes the penetration of UV rays into the skin and the triggering of a variety of skin disorders.

Life jackets are designed to keep you from drowning in the water, which seems like a great reason to wear one at all times on the water. Yet, millions of people out on boats will choose to go without. Stay safe from freak accidents and wear your life jacket.

Types Of Water Sport Gear

  1. Paddle Boards are fun for the whole family, kids tend to catch on a lot faster at staying balanced. There are many options available on Amazon. Inflatable boards are popular because they transport easily and inflate quickly.
  2. Kayaks are also very popular, we own 3 of them. The hard part if getting 3 kayaks to the lake. Inflatable kayaks on Amazon are popular because they transport easily and inflate quickly.
  3. Inflatable Pool Chairs are a great way to relax while keeping an eye on the kiddos to keep them safe.
  4. Canoes are generally longer and can seat 2-3 people. They are more unstable in the water, they were created more for efficiency and speed. Inflatables really don’t exist since kayaks are available.
  5. Trampolines are really fun, especially this 15′ heavy-duty inflatable trampoline that can hold up to 4 children or a couple of adults.
  6. Snorkeling Gear is always a great time with the children. Have you seen the new masks that cover the entire face, they are really cool!
  7. Pools are great if you don’t have time to get to the lake. Children have endless summer fun in these 18ft x10ft x 42 in oval frame pools. They come complete with filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, and pool cover.

Paddle sports are a great way to expand your fun and fitness for the whole family!

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