No Time to Exercise? Let’s Talk Time Management

Do you ever find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? No time to exercise? Are you overwhelmed because your to-do list continues to grow and there is no time for anything extra?

Do you feel like it is nearly impossible to make time to work out for 5 minutes much less 30 minutes a day?

Well, that is where time management comes in. Let’s face it, we are always going to have a ton of things to do. The trick is to move exercise up the list rather than off the list.

Organizing your to-do list so that you spend more time on the things you need to get done and less time on the things you don’t.

Here are 5 ways you can develop your time management and use your time more effectively:


This is a killer! Have you ever counted up the minutes (or hours) you spend on social media or surfing the web, not work-related of course?

Maybe you think a few minutes in the morning, a few minutes on your lunch, before dinner, after dinner, before bed is not that much.

Those minutes add up. Soon you might find that there are those 30 minutes you thought you did not have for exercise.

If you already know you are prone to procrastination, you will need to work harder at trying to dodge it.

Be Realistic

For any task, there needs to be an appropriate deadline. Be realistic and do not stretch yourself beyond your means. Get realistic in setting your goals to make the thought of fitting in some exercise time seem more manageable.

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Although we are taught that the skill of multitasking is a desirable skill, in reality, it just means you are not completely focused on any one task.

Your focus is divided between tasks which could actually hinder your productivity.

Learn To Say No (politely)

If you know you are already time-crunched to the max, do not agree to take on additional tasks or run errands. It just sets you up for failure which may lead to additional stress.

Get An Early Start

According to studies, a common trait shared by most CEOs is that they all wake up early. This will allow you the opportunity to either start your day with a great workout or get a quick jump on the day, hopefully freeing up some time to work out.

Have you read or listened to The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod? If not, I highly encourage you to add it to your playlist now!

Time is short, so give the audiobook 10 minutes a day, it will really help you with everything mentioned in this blog.

I recommend making a list of the things you need to get done the night before. That way you already have a plan to follow.

Try to list them from most important to least important. It is okay if some of the things carry over to the next day.

Prioritizing exercise and keeping it at the top of the list won’t always be easy but in order to stay on track with your health and fitness goals, it is necessary.

Not a list person? There are tons of apps, planners, tools, and resources you can utilize to effectively manage your time to carve space for exercise.

Find a system that works for you and commit to it.




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