Nighttime Safety Tips When Running

Nighttime Safety Tips When Running

These nighttime safety tips when running will hopefully provide you with some tips to prevent any serious accidents or injuries. If you are the type of runner who is more comfortable running and taking your running training during the early evening rather than in the early morning or afternoon, then you are the type of runner who should heed more to safety reminders.

Nighttime Safety Tips When Running – Wear Very Reflective Gear

Rule number one, when running training during nighttime, make sure to always wear reflective clothes or gear up with anything reflective. Also, you should always go against the traffic flow so instead of the cars being behind you, you will be facing them and therefore, you will see all cars coming towards you.

That will surely be a good precaution measure to avoid accidents and getting ran over.

Wear The Right Running Shoes

If you are starting out with your running training during nighttime and you are the type to possess low arches and at the same time have the excessive-inward-foot movement, then it might be best if you choose to buy the straight lasted type of shoes. For the runner who has high arches and has the tendency to do outward foot motion excessively, then the curved lasted shoes are better.

Nighttime Safety Tips When Running- Wear Gadgets To Guarantee Night Visibility

When running training at nighttime, always make sure to wear a safety light worn on the waist or on the arms. These are available in colors red or clear light and some even feature a flashing signal option which will really make you visible to all motorists and therefore, avoid accidents or injuries.

Be Alert Where You Are Heading

While it is very dark running during nighttime, the best way to combat accidents is caution. Avoid having shin splints or that forceful crash of your heel against the road. This may cause your joints and feet to want less and less to touch the ground and eventually, may lead to injury.

And should you get injured while running at nighttime, immediately apply ice if there is any, and elevate the injured part to reduce swelling and therefore, prevent the build-up of fluids in the tissues.

Experiencing Fatigue And Soreness Is Normal

Yes, nighttime running can also be a source of stress or fatigue for the runner. And this fatigue may be attributed to the fact that there is anticipation on the part of the runner to watch out for all the vehicles coming; not to mention the anxiety of avoiding and having to dread injuries or accidents to happen. And these give most runners an experience of soreness.

And when runners disregard the body signals their body is sending them, yes, fatigue sets in. However, there are ways of avoiding fatigue and soreness, and one of which is; do not overstress yourself.

Putting yourself to too much fatigue, which includes running at nighttime in a busy street of so many motorists, will really reap sore muscles and painful joints as well. And so, should you experience this sharp pain, it would be wise to rest and immediately see a coach or physician before getting back to your running training program.

Nighttime Safety Tips When Running Uphill

Yes, as they always say, the hills are and will always be a runner’s friends, but not so much especially when it is nighttime. Running uphill during your weekly training is guaranteed to make your legs as well as your ankles stronger. However, doing it at nighttime might pose more serious threats than getting your ankles stronger.

So, if you plan to run uphill, make sure it is well light or during daylight instead. If your running tracks are without any visible hills, then it would be best to just drop by a gym and do your running training indoors, use the treadmill there, or simply run some flights of stairs to imitate running uphill.

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I hope this article on nighttime safety tips when running was helpful to you. Please feel free to share or comment below with any tips you’d like to share with us, we’d love your feedback.



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