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Leaky Gut – How I Healed My Gut

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Leaky Gut Supplements & Hacks That Really Work!

*Updated June 2019 I decided after following a lot of doctors and researchers like Paul Saladino MD , Ken Berry MD, and Shawn Baker MD to go all-in on the carnivore diet to see what would happen over 30-60 days. The changes in my health were amazing. Getting the fiber oxalates & lectins out of my diet was key….I had no idea how much better I would feel by eliminating all plants and fiber. I’m excited to create a new blog post about my carnivore diet journey in August 2019. I’m confident it will save people a lot of time, money and suffering.

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I have felt sickly most my entire life which is sad, but my journey of struggle and overcoming autoimmune issues and leaky gut is now a hopeful story that others like you can now learn my techniques to hopefully regain your health and happiness as well.

Brain fog, migraines, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, IBS (numerous digestive issues), heartburn, sinus infections, repeated bronchial pneumonia, lethargy, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain to obesity, food sensitivities, pre-diabetes, and hypothyroidism were just a small handful of my health issues.

These symptoms I believe were caused by leaky gut, a problem that is afflicting the masses.

My health problems started when I was a small child. I was prescribed antibiotics (and many other drugs) several times a year until I was 18 years old. In my teen years, oral antibiotics quit working, so they were injecting me with antibiotics. My body had basically been nuked and devoid of any beneficial gut flora…’s no wonder why I was mentally and physically ill.

When I was 18 years old, I had my tonsils removed, and I knew antibiotics had compromised my health, and unless medically necessary, I swore to never take them again. I would use herbal supplementation and work harder on nutrition.

I’m not a hater of medicine…it certainly has its place in saving lives, but I was clearly having a physical reaction from consuming dairy and gluten. The pediatricians should have recognized I was having an allergic reaction vs pumping me up full of drugs that would negatively impact my life for decades.

Simply giving up dairy and gluten in my mid 20’s improved my health substantially, however, I was still very sick and suffered through my 40’s with physical & mental illness because my ecosystem had been destroyed. I also jumped on the vegan bandwagon at age 40 and the damage from that diet was even more devastating to my gut and mental health. Sure I lost a pile of weight, but I also lost my friggen mind.

You’ve heard of Monsanto on the news? Their products such as Round-Up which contains Glyphosate is sprayed on our foods, and when we ingest it, it causes a multitude of health issues.

  • Your mitochondria are your cellular powerhouses and are also responsible for cellular signaling and facilitating appropriate cell death
  • Glyphosate prevents the uptake of manganese — a mineral crucial for the protection of your mitochondria against oxidative damage. Diabetes and chronic fatigue are but two potential outcomes of mitochondrial damage

A simple summary of what might be happening, when we are born and drink breast milk our digestive tract starts to develop a thick mucosal lining that contains a complex healthy ecosystem which protects our gut from stomach acid and intruders. Somewhere between the introduction of GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, 2nd hand cigarette smoke, industrial pollution, stress, medications, infections and poor diet, that mucosal lining has been eaten away leaving us open to health issues.

After decades of seeing specialists, natural doctors, clinical nutritionists, most of which wasn’t covered with insurance, and reading books which offer bad advice, I have spent thousands of dollars, none of it which helped me feel better.

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I have to give credit to Dr. Snow for helping me figure out that fiber was keeping me sick after decades of suffering.

There are two parts to this healing process that most people and health care providers don’t know about.

The supplements mentioned below are an investment in your health, you have to trust me, stick with it for a year, especially the dietary changes such as the *carnivore diet, you will feel like you got your life back.

Part 1

  • L-Glutamine helps to restore the mucosal lining. I take 5 grams a day. 30-50 grams a day for a week or two during a flare-up until pain and diarrhea are gone. Then I backed way down to 5 grams twice a day.
  • Restore I was a huge skeptic, this stuff works great at countering the negative effects of glyphosate in our food (the dangerous herbicide Round-Up)….and it lasts 2 months.
  • Colostrum I’m allergic to dairy, but I was fine with this product…you must take it with Just Thrive they are symbiotic to one another. The powdered version is best because you want it to coat your esophagus and digestive system as you swallow it.
  • Just Thrive Spore Pro-biotics this brand is really important, not all probiotics function the same. Mega Spore Biotic is the preferred brand, but you have to search hard to find it. I have found that if you open the capsule and mix it with colostrum powder, it’s more effective. I also swallow a 2nd capsule later in the day with colostrum to make sure it gets deeper into my gut.
  • Mastic resinous material aides in restoring mucosal lining and calms the gut
  • Better Broth Is a great option if you don’t have time to make your own organic bone broth.
  • Keto OS NAT exogenous ketones are a superior fuel source for the mitochondria and brain, you’ll feel very energized and brain fog and stress will fade away, improving your mood and sleep.
  • Slippery Elm may help soothe the lining of the stomach and intestines
  • Marshmallow Root contains a thick, jelly-like substance known as mucilage which helps to improve conditions like digestive ulcers, colitis, hemorrhoids, and urinary tract infections
  • NAG (N-Acetyl Glucosamine) helps to correctly regulate your gut flora by maintaining the mucosal barrier.
  • Stop eating raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds ASAP….the fiber is working against the healing process. I explain this more below. In fact, I’m doing a carnivore diet just to avoid lectins and oxalates, and the results have been amazing both mentally and physically.
  • Most of these supplements mentioned above I only took for about 2 months until the acute symptoms were stabilized. I still drink ketones and better broth daily and will never stop because they make my family and I feel incredible. I’m also still consuming colostrum as well.

Leaky Gut Symptoms and Progression

This leads to inflammation throughout your system and can cause symptoms, such as:

  • Bloating
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Skin issues like rosacea and acne
  • Digestive problems
  • Weight gain

The Leaky Gut Protocol Part 1

If you suffer from leaky gut and maybe even candida, you’re overdue to consider adopting a leaky gut diet. Here are my tips to heal your leaky gut.

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#1 Bone Broth – broth contains collagen and the amino acids proline and glycine that can help heal your damaged cell walls. If you don’t have time to make your own bone broth, I’d encourage you to try Better Broth, it’s delicious and helps with gut issues. The salted caramel is also delicious and makes a yummy smoothie blended with ice and vanilla unsweetened almond or coconut milk.

#2 Quit Eating Raw Vegetables and Fruit For A Season – I was vegan for 3 years and that diet amplified the symptoms. (I’m not against the vegan diet, it’s the fiber and excessive sugars that were flaring up my symptoms) Giving up raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains is only temporary, but you might have to avoid these foods for a year or more.

Why? Fiber scrubs your digestive system as it passes through and causes more inflammation leaving you open to more health issues. The goal with Part 1 supplements is to re-establish a thick mucosal lining back in your digestive tract…..if you continue to consume fiber, you’ll never give your gut time to fully heal.


#3 Avoid Nuts & Seeds For a Season – think about how abrasive nuts are as they pass through your system? Avoidance is the only way to allow your gut to recover along with taking the supplements in Part 1. Finely ground nuts….like Skippy creamy peanut butter might be okay, but nuts and legumes are lectins which can be very problematic.

#4 Coconut Products – all coconut products are especially good for your gut. The MCFA’s in coconut are easier to digest than other fats so they work well for leaky gut. Coconut fat is said to be antifungal and antiviral,  it does soothe the stomach and more importantly, it satiates you so you’re not as hungry. The less your gut has to process, the better. Ketones are a great fuel source, you’ll feel more energized and they do satiate you so you eat less, you’re not going to die if you consume fewer calories.

#5 No Corn Products, Gluten, Grains Or Known Allergens – corn is super abrasive even as cornmeal or tortilla chips. Wheat / Gluten/ Oatmeal is a known gut inflammatory food, avoid it as well for a season until you’re healed. Avoid foods that are currently making you feel unwell. I was allergic to chicken, eggs, and almonds, now I can consume them after getting my gut sealed up.

#6 Low Carb Diet- Sugar Feeds Disease, so do your best to avoid excessive sugar. Carbs and grains are also high in fiber which is what we need to avoid to heal.

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The Healing Process Part 2: Root Cause Protocol 

I started part 2 of the healing process after about 3 months of Part 1 mentioned above.

Part 2 is called the Root Cause Protocol which is a system created by Morley Robbins to get our minerals back in balance which has been a huge game-changer in my health. I’m so much more calm, relaxed, no longer in fight and flight, no more anxiety and depression, regular bowel movements for the first time in decades.

Instead of me writing an even longer blog, watch this video below from the expert Morley and tell me what you think. Set aside an hour to watch it without interruptions and keep an open mind. I will support you in this journey and answer your questions.

I followed these Stops & Start right away.

A very large majority of supplements on the market are low-quality which doesn’t contain what manufacturers claim. This is why I only purchase the RCP Root Cause Protocol from Jig Saw Health. Jig Saw works directly with Morley to create the best quality products, which are tested for purity. Jigsaw RCP is all I will recommend to my friends who are serious about feeling better. I have friends who went online and purchased cheap quality supplements to save a few bucks, and they didn’t get any better, they lost money from having to purchase twice.

I ordered the complete RCP which was packaged all in one previously.  Now they sell the package in Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 to help the consumer get started on a smaller budget which is very helpful.

I became a proud affiliate of Jigsaw Health because of how much these supplements have improved my health and the health of my friends who I referred to the Root Cause Protocol.


Here is the schedule I follow so you know what supplements you should take at the ideal times of the day. This image gets updated a couple of times a year, it might not currently match the products exactly due to better quality products being introduced to the RCP catalog.

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed with this information like I was when I got started, Shoot me an email to I’d love to visit with you and help you get started in small steps. You can also use the contact me form below and we can jump on the phone.

*Medical Disclaimer: The contents of this website,  such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained on the website (“Content”) are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice; the Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.  In the event of a medical emergency, call a doctor or 911 immediately. Reliance on any information provided by this website is solely at your own risk.
*I’m also an Amazon and Jigsaw affiliate, which means I might make a couple dollars if you purchase products from the links above, which I greatly appreciated.

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