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Jump Rope Isn’t Just For Kids

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The jump rope isn’t just for kids. It can be a fun game for children outside, but it is also a piece of fitness equipment. Did you know that jumping rope is considered one of the original, most effective, fat-burning routines? Boxers have been using this method for conditioning cardio for years!

Why not pick up that jump rope for some high-intensity interval training now?

It Works Your Whole Body

Jumping rope can work up your heart rate. You use every muscle in your legs jumping, your core is engaged and stabilizing you when you are in motion, and your forearms and biceps are active turning the rope. Research shows that you can burn up to 760 calories per hour.

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Get the Correct Size Jump Rope

Measure your rope by holding the handles in each hand and step on the center of the rope with your foot.  Hold the handles at shoulder height.  If the rope is too short, you will need another longer one. If the rope is too long, you can tie knots below the handles.

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Now Use It

Basic Jump Rope:

Jump Rope with feet together. You can even rise up this to a speed round of jumping fast or for a long round of 5 minutes of jumping.

In and Out Jumps:

Jump rope with your feet together and then on the next rotation your feet wide and repeat.

Single-Leg Jumps:

Balance on one leg and hop while jumping rope. Switch to the other side to balance this out.

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Scissor Skip Jumps:

Scissor your feet, stepping with one foot forward and the other back. Repeat this as you jump rope.

Be Creative

The jump rope can be used in other ways. Challenge yourself to hop over it.  Lay it out to hop lengths.

Have fun and hop along!

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