Home Improvements That Can Assist Our Fitness Routine

This article is dedicated to home improvements that can assist our fitness routine. While some of us have not canceled our gym memberships entirely, many of us enjoy exercising from the comfort of our own home.

Using the digitally streamed workouts at home on a nice new big flat screen tv provides an enormous amount of benefits.

This is not only from a fitness standpoint but on our time management and financial situations as well, just to name a few.

But could we take it to another step and invest in our fitness journey even more by making our home more exercise and health-centered?

Not only will these improvements pay off in the short game by making living a healthier lifestyle more achievable but can also pay off later by increasing your home’s value.

Pull Up Bar

A pull-up bar is a simple device that can produce serious results. While most only see the single-use, pull-up towers can be used in other ways as well, especially with new products out all the time.

They can be used to attach resistance bands or TRX bands for workouts, or even some can be disassembled quickly to be used for push-ups or ab work.

If placing one in a door frame does not go with your wish for decoration, consider using one in your garage. Or is there a place on the patio where you enjoy exercising?

A nice set of dumbbells is also a nice addition to your fitness routine. The newer generation of Bowflex Selectech are stored on an attractive stand which requires almost no space.

The pull-up bar addition may not change your resell value, but after seeing the results it can bring, you will be ready to take it with you wherever you go.

Chest Freezer

When trying to stay on track with a steady meal plan, buying in bulk can help in the preparation of our meals as well as save us money.

Many of us have been in a situation where we go to make dinner and not have what we need to make a healthy meal, so we either call the local pizza place or go to a dinner out.

While yes, we can eat healthy out, we are more likely to overeat versus cooking in our own home.

Having a chest freezer will give us extra room to store meats packed with protein, veggies loaded with vitamins, and fruit that can be used to make nutritional smoothies.

Chest freezers prevent you from overstuffing the fridge and freezer.

Update the Kitchen

Some of our kitchens are just not set up to meet the needs of our nutritional plans or maximize the results of meal planning and prepping.

While this may be a pricey endeavor, reconfiguring a non-functional kitchen and customizing it to fit your needs will have you fighting to use your new prize and eat healthier at home.

Some of my most favorite small appliances are a Vita-Mix blender, which my family and I have used multiple times a day for 10 years, and it’s still kicking.

The new air fryers are actually pretty handy. They do a great job at cooking food in a small space without the mess of cooking in a saute pan….and they are very affordable and stylish.

My wife is a fan of the Instant-Pot and the food she creates fast and delicious. This appliance is actually a tad bit dangerous, so caution must be used with them. I don’t allow my teens to cook with it.

Personally, I prefer a good old fashioned crock-pot and put a roast on slow cook early in the morning, so it’s ready in time for dinner.

Investing in your home and kitchen will create a mindset of utilizing your investment and avoiding eating out.

New Mattress

While a new mattress and pillow that cradles your neck comfortably may be more of a short game from a financial point.

The reason being, you’ll more than likely be taking the bed with you during a move, it can pay off from a health standpoint.

Getting a good night’s sleep can make all the difference in feeling energized and refreshed versus tired and unmotivated.

Falling into deep sleep can also help our bodies function at their highest levels which aids in moving us to be our healthiest.


Installing a pool may not be an option for everyone based on price, the climate you live in, and currently available size.

If a pool has been resting on your mind, now may be the right time to dive in (literally and figuratively).

Exercising in the pool can take the wear and tear off our bodies and joints.  This still allows us an opportunity to push our bodies.

It may be another way to get our kids out of the house, away from the tv and video games, and doing something active.

Don’t count out the backyard as another way to use your home. Consider creating a jungle gym for the kids that you can use also for fitness. Let your creativity run with ideas for your home.

Pure Therapeutic Ketones

Ketones make “healthy” a lifestyle we can all be successful at!

Do you lack energy and suffer from brain fog (mom’s brain), stubborn belly fat, achy joints, poor digestion, skin problems, poor sleep?

Would you like my free coaching and earn results like my friends inside our better life community?

Click Here to learn how the Drink Ketones for 10 Day Challenge could help with fat loss, improve your health and athletic performance.

Ketones also help with muscle preservation as you burn body fat….it’s a win/win for both men and women.

We need to be strong and durable as we age so we can take care of ourselves without assistance for as long as possible.

Drinking KETO//OS NAT is diet independent, which means no specific diet is required to enjoy the benefits. This is why this product works so amazingly well!

However, drinking ketones daily, along with consuming lower carbohydrate meals and a consistent exercise routine can improve your well-being.

*Results represented in these images are specific to this individual and may not be representative of your results based upon your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and health factors.


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