Hate Vegetables Eat Them Anyway

In this blog article, I’ll explain why even though you may hate vegetables, you should eat them anyway. If you are looking for maximum results in the gym, then you need to have a more balanced diet in the kitchen.

Many people who are attempting to bulk up and make strides in the weight room think it’s all about the protein. While protein is of course very valuable, we cannot forget the vegetables.

Unspoken Heroes

The nutritional benefits of vegetables are not always completely listed and most of us are unknown. Many vegetables contain phytochemicals, which are extremely beneficial to those of us trying to bulk and put on muscle mass.

These awesome chemicals act as both antioxidants, which helps in the repair process of our muscles and as enzymes that lessen the effect of estrogen.

The less estrogen in our system, the easier it is for us to stack on mass. Also unknown by many, vegetables contain healing properties and boost our immune system.

If we want to maximize our results in the gym, then we need to be at the top of our game. A sick day can often lead to multiple days missed in the weight room. This is not something we want if we are attempting to bulk or hit goals.

Vegetables can aid in the prevention of several chronic diseases and bring a balance to our normal protein-heavy “bulk” diets.

The Good Stuff

Vegetables are great sources of valuable nutrients that are vital in making positive strides in our fitness goals. One of the more important nutrients provided from vegetables is fiber.

During our bulking phase, fiber can help by regulating our digestion and create proper blood-sugar levels, which allow our body to work at its highest level.

Correct blood-sugar levels will allow us to avoid extreme dips in our energy levels, which could be very detrimental while trying to push through final sets in the gym.

Fiber is also essential in the body absorbing the greatest amount of other valuable nutrients needed such as vitamins and amino acids.

By doing so, your body can reach optimum growth from your particular workout. Most of the vegetables we see in our grocery stores are very low in calories and some even contain zero calories.

By adding more high-fiber vegetables to your dietary plan, you can consume tons of important nutrients needed to bulk up but avoid taking in large quantities of calories.

These amazing foods are also high in both Vitamin A and C, which may not have major benefits to making strides in the weight room. However, they help provide balance and are key to long-term overall health.

Helpful Tips

Now that you know more about these powerful green foods, let’s go over a few tips to incorporate them into your everyday diet:

  • Buy Fresh – Try to buy vegetables during their peak season to maximize their taste
  • Stay Stocked – Keep a freezer full of frozen veggies to add to meals in a quick fashion
  • Keep it Simple – Use easy to prepare vegetables such as pre-washed salad greens or pre-cut carrots and celery
  • Mix it Up – Try various veggies to keep your diet from becoming dull and dreadful
  • Make Veggies Fun – A fun way to consume veggies is to mix them into breakfast or post-workout smoothies.
  • Dip ‘em – Veggies dipped in a low-sodium dressing will definitely help those who are slow to add vegetables into their diets. Use moderation when applying the dip
  • Best of Both Worlds – A common snack which can be great for those bulking is celery with peanut butter. This provides us with a great source of protein and gives us a low-calorie veggie.

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*Results represented in these images are specific to this individual and may not be representative of your results based upon your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and health factors.

I hope this article was helpful in showing you why even though you may hate vegetables, you should eat them anyway for better health.



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