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Do You Have A Magnesium Deficiency?

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This article covers a topic I’m pretty passionate about, which magnesium deficiency and the root cause protocol. The Root Cause Protocol improved my health significantly.

When you click this link to Jigsaw, make sure and go to the Root Cause Protocol Tab. There you’ll see the correct supplements I used to regain my health.

Before we get started, did you know that it’s been said that 80% of us are magnesium deficient? Many of us have an overabundance of stored iron locked up in our body!?

The Proper Lab Test Is Crucial

Many doctors run the wrong lab tests which don’t provide the correct information about your body’s minerals. The lab test that RCP consultants use to gather the correct information to get your minerals back in balance is called The Full Monty Panel.

The video below will go into great detail about how minerals function in your body, and why mineral imbalances are causing you so many illnesses that get misdiagnosed.

I started the root cause protocol after being treated for leaky gut due to magnesium and other mineral deficiencies.

After running the blood panel called The Full Monty, I ordered the RCP and started feeling better within 48 hours! This will make sense after watching Morley Robbins’ video below.

Tests indicated my minerals were drastically out of balance which is why I was having so many health issues. I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention that I also started taking Ketones daily along with a low carb, low fiber quality fat diet to improve this amazing system for wellness.

<img src="click here.png" alt=“10 day drink ketones challenge”>

Jigsaw’s cod liver oil is part of the root cause protocol, which is an excellent quality fat with naturally occurring vitamin D and A.

<img src="Jigsaw_cod_liver" alt="jigsaw cod liver oil”>

Lyme Disease & Auto-Immune Issues

In the past, I had been tested for Lyme disease and ran multiple labs and wasted thousands of dollars on unnecessary supplements. The incorrect testing provided no explanations as to why I had so many autoimmune issues.

I had been feeling terrible most of my life. The RCP is very helpful for people suffering from Lyme disease I later found out. The RCP helps with auto-immune diseases and digestive issues and so many other misdiagnosed ailments.

The Root Cause Protocol is a system created by Morley Robbins to get our minerals back in balance which has been a huge game-changer in my health.

I’m so much more calm, relaxed, and I’m no longer in fight and flight. No more anxiety or depression and I’m having regular bowel movements for the first time in decades.

Instead of me writing a really long blog, watch this video below from the expert Morley and tell me what you think.

Set aside an hour to watch it without interruptions and keep an open mind. I will support you in this journey and answer your questions.

I followed these Stops & Start right away. Click here to order the supplements listed in this graphic below.

The RCP Starts & Stops Worked Fast

A large majority of supplements on the market are low-quality which doesn’t contain what manufacturers claim.

This is why I only purchase the Root Cause Protocol supplements from JigSaw Health. Jig Saw works directly with Morley to create the best quality products, which are tested for purity.

Unfortunately, Most Supplements Are Low Quality

Jigsaw RCP is the only brand I will recommend to my friends who are serious about feeling better.

I have friends who went online and purchased cheap quality supplements to save a few bucks. They didn’t get any better and they lost money from having to purchase twice.

<img src="click here.png" alt=“mito red light”>

I ordered the complete Root Cause Protocol which was packaged all in one previously. Now they sell the package in Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 to help the consumer get started on a smaller budget which is very helpful.

<img src="click here.png" alt=“Jig Saw Root Cause Protocol”>

I’m working on becoming RCP certified by Morley Robbins in the near future so I can help people get their minerals back in balance.

There are less than 100 people in the world that have been certified as of the time I wrote this blog. The world needs more certified consultants spreading this information to help others feel better.

Here is the schedule I follow so you know what supplements you should take at the ideal times of the day.

This image gets updated as products change. This graphic might not currently match the products exactly due to better quality products being introduced to the JigSaw RCP catalog.

<img src="click here.png" alt=“Jig Saw Root Cause Protocol”>

I hope the article about magnesium deficiency and the root cause protocol was helpful to you.

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed with this information, shoot me an email to I’d love to help!

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