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Do You Have A Magnesium Deficiency?

This article covers a topic I’m pretty passionate about, which magnesium deficiency and the root cause protocol. The Root Cause Protocol improved my health significantly. When you click this link... Continue Reading

Can I Have a Cookie?

How many times have you said or heard can I have a cookie? Cookies can be a good treat if you swap white sugar with monk fruit sweeter, and the... Continue Reading

Brushing Off Your Stress

Are you seeing pictures on social media of art night where your friends gathered to paint pictures? They often call them PaintNites, and it’s a fun way of brushing off... Continue Reading

There is a Mind Diet

Can you eat for a healthy mind? There is a mind diet and research shows that eating a brain-healthy low carb, high fat diet can help reduce Alzheimer’s risk. In... Continue Reading

Shaping Up Your Shoulders

Shaping up your shoulders brings those great results that make those flex Friday pictures rock! Women want those cute sleeveless outfits to look great. But shoulders are an area of... Continue Reading

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