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Blog Category: Fitness

Training For Your First Marathon

When training for your first marathon and other running events, make sure you prepare well and follow a running training guide. This practice will boost your endurance and build your... Continue Reading

Stair Workouts For Runners

Stair workouts for runners is a great drill to get into the best shape of your life, even if you’re not into trail running. There is an old saying, “Work... Continue Reading

Trail Running Warm-Up

Trail running is done on uneven surfaces, so it is important to have a trail run warm-up routine in place to work your muscles before setting off on the run.... Continue Reading

Couples Yoga is a Real Thing

Couples yoga is powerful and can work with strengthening and lengthening your muscles.  Doing yoga with your partner has been classified as a way to boost your bond with your... Continue Reading

Track Workouts

Track workouts are becoming more popular. Head over to the junior high or high school and check out the old gym class area you used to use. Training at a... Continue Reading

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