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The Good Skin Diet

Having a healthy complexion has an inside approach, which we call the good skin diet. There are foods that you can eat that will benefit your skin and your own... Continue Reading

Are You A Leader?

Defining yourself as a leader does not have to be solely a work-related title. Are you a leader at home? Is there a leadership responsibility where you volunteer? Think about... Continue Reading

Do You Stuff Your Potato?

Baked potatoes don’t have to be your basic potato with some butter and sour cream.  You can stuff your potato, and that will take that dinner side into a good... Continue Reading

Couples Yoga is a Real Thing

Couples yoga is powerful and can work with strengthening and lengthening your muscles.  Doing yoga with your partner has been classified as a way to boost your bond with your... Continue Reading

The Magical Properties of Tea

When you learn about the magical properties of tea, you think beyond hot steaming cups, cool nights, and BBC television. Some teas can help you with weight loss, yet tea... Continue Reading

Track Workouts

Track workouts are becoming more popular. Head over to the junior high or high school and check out the old gym class area you used to use. Training at a... Continue Reading

Gardening Benefits

Gardening benefits your health. What if you don’t have a green thumb? No worries at all if you don’t, you can take free local classes on gardening. Research shows that... Continue Reading

Admit it: You are a Pizza Lover

So you’re a pizza lover like the rest of the world, it is a popular choice for family meals, dates, quick dinner, and lazy football afternoons. Pizza is loved by... Continue Reading

Post-Workout Food Combos

After you’ve just crushed your workout and your body is still burning calories. It is important to refuel correctly with post-workout food combos to increase the afterburn and give nutrients... Continue Reading

Secrets to Better Sleep

There are a staggering number of people not getting enough sleep. In fact, over 1/3 of us are on that list of people that need the secrets to better sleep.... Continue Reading

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