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The Ripe Challenge

The Ripe Challenge: Have you ever returned home from shopping only to see that some of the selections you made from the produce department were complete bombs? How about a... Continue Reading

A Headache At Workout Time

Is it a good idea to exercise with a headache at workout time? Headaches are no fun. They can get in the way of the concentration needed for fitness activities.... Continue Reading

Brushing Off Your Stress

Are you seeing pictures on social media of art night where your friends gathered to paint pictures? They often call them PaintNites, and it’s fun way of brushing off your... Continue Reading

There is a Mind Diet

Can you eat for a healthy mind? There is a mind diet and research shows that eating a brain-healthy low carb, high fat diet can help reduce Alzheimer’s risk. In... Continue Reading

Organized On The Road

All year round it seems that the demand increases for kids to be dropped off here and picked up there. Some days you are doing the shuffle from one event... Continue Reading

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings training is more popular now. It is seen as a great way to work your body because you engage your arms, your legs, and your core. That’s right;... Continue Reading

Food Prep Time

Food prep time takes some practice to become efficient at creating healthy meals, but when you prep in bulk you can produce 12+ meals in 30 minutes. You need to... Continue Reading