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Munchie Choices

Munchies are around the house especially when you know there could be friends and family dropping by. Having some healthier munchie choices will keep you on your goals and give... Continue Reading

Ramped Up Workout Tips

Have you ever wondered if there were any ramped up workout tips or tricks that would increase your results and help you tone up faster? There are a few ideas... Continue Reading

The Ripe Challenge

The Ripe Challenge: Have you ever returned home from shopping only to see that some of the selections you made from the produce department were complete bombs? How about a... Continue Reading

A Headache At Workout Time

Is it a good idea to exercise with a headache at workout time? Headaches are no fun. They can get in the way of the concentration needed for fitness activities.... Continue Reading

Brushing Off Your Stress

Are you seeing pictures on social media of art night where your friends gathered to paint pictures? They often call them PaintNites, and it’s fun way of brushing off your... Continue Reading

There is a Mind Diet

Can you eat for a healthy mind? There is a mind diet and research shows that eating a brain-healthy low carb, high fat diet can help reduce Alzheimer’s risk. In... Continue Reading

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