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Shapely Waist With Yoga

Would you like to know a couple of simple tips you can use to lose a pile of weight and gain a shapely waist with yoga? By adding a simple... Continue Reading

Basic Running Training For Beginners

The basic running training for beginners should always be set to your own schedule. Base this on the new kind of lifestyle you want to achieve. Setting your own running... Continue Reading

The Benefits Of Yoga For Scoliosis

This article is about the benefits of Yoga for scoliosis, an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice with its roots in India going back 5,000 years. Since it is highly... Continue Reading

Printful Review

In this Printful review video, I’m going to unbox t-shirts I created using Printful print on demand, drop shipping service & share my honest opinion of the experience. Hey, my... Continue Reading

CBD For Sciatic Pain

Sciatica can be excruciating and debilitating. Sciatic pain has happened to me twice in my life and using CBD for sciatic pain relief helped tremendously. Symptoms can be extreme pain... Continue Reading

Liver Is The Real Superfood

I know it’s hard to comprehend that liver is the real superfood. You and I were taught from a young age that fruits and vegetables are superfoods and we need... Continue Reading

Colostrum Improves Gut Health

In this vlog, I explain in detail what leaky gut is, what my symptoms were, and how colostrum improves gut health along with soil-based probiotics. To save you time reading... Continue Reading

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