Benefits and Disadvantages of Starting a Fitness Plan with Your Significant Other

Starting a fitness plan with your significant other has its benefits and disadvantages. You both want to incorporate exercising and eating right and need accountability around the clock.

Strides in one area cannot be made without the other so both must be the main focus of yours.

Goals can be achieved much sooner and easier with someone by your side. Some of us may have gym buddies or a group of friends that enjoy exercising together. Others choose to employ their significant other as the one to keep them on track.

This choice could be the answer you have been looking for but could also have many hurdles along the way.

Benefits-Schedules Of Starting a Fitness Plan with Your Significant Other

By partnering up with your better halves, scheduling could be much easier. Thus allows you to spend time together instead of getting your workouts in at separate times.

Now, this, of course, is all dependent on what each of your work schedules is but if they link up, it could be a great benefit.


Creating a fitness plan with your partner will also give you financial benefits as well.

Meal prepping and planning can be expensive but if your significant other is sharing the same plan buying healthy food in bulk can save on grocery bills.

You may also save money on monthly gym memberships or be able to share the cost of workout plans such as a digitally streamed workout.

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As we spoke about above, to see the greatest level of success on your plan, accountability is of the utmost importance.

For example, you are making progress in the weight room because you and your workout buddy from the gym are pushing some serious weight. However, as you go home no one is able to hold you accountable on your diet. You are missing out on maximizing your success.

It goes the other way as well; you could be eating great but if you lack the motivation to complete your workout consistently, you could be underachieving. 

With your significant other as your fitness plan partner, you are more likely to hold each other to a higher standard.  Together you have a greater chance of reaching your health and fitness goals.

Disadvantages | Stress

When trying to achieve tough goals on the path of becoming the best version of yourself, you will need to be pushed to some extremes.

If your significant other is the one trying to push you through new heights and keep you on track, that can oftentimes create a strain on relationships. that may have not been there otherwise.

If it happens to be a friend or workout partner yelling at you to “push it”, it is easy to leave that situation at the gym or in your home workout room.

But that can leave a lasting impression on someone you really care for and can possibly stunt the progress of your fitness journey.

Not Maximizing Output 

The blowback effect of not wishing to place strain on your relationship can often be just as detrimental as pushing too hard.

Not pushing someone to achieve higher goals or turning the blind eye to when your fitness partner decides to cheat on their meal plan can cause you to take steps backward on your own fitness journey.

As humans, we want to be the nice guy (or gal) and sometimes when trying to become more fit, the nice guy (or gal) is the last thing we really need.

Time Away From Home

For those of us with families or other responsibilities at home, both sides of a partnership being gone or unavailable because of workouts is simply just not feasible at times.

Even though becoming the best version of ourselves is extremely important, sometimes we must take a step back and understand our families and home life cannot suffer just so we can exercise together.

In these situations, finding a fitness partner or friend to work out with might be a better fit so that your significant other can be at home while you work out and vice versa.

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As you can see, starting a fitness plan with your significant other has its benefits and disadvantages. At the end of the day what’s most important is that you’ve both agreed upon a system that works best in our busy lives.



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